Anthem Reportedly Supports Checkerboard 4K On PC, But What Does It Means For The Game?

Anthem is the upcoming online action RPG from Bioware that aims to blend the usual Bioware singleplayer flare with multiplayer. Just recently, Bioware showcased a 4K Anthem gameplay demo, however, the gameplay reportedly might have been running at checkerboard 4K resolution instead of native 4K which indicates that the PC version of the game will support checkerboard 4K.

This is according to DigitalFoundry, who took the time to analyze the technical aspects of the 4K Anthem gameplay demo.

However, analyzing the gameplay footage revealed that Bioware might have been showcasing the demo running at checkerboard 4K instead of native 4K resolution.

According to the report, upon a close inspection of the gameplay, certain artifacts appear around the edges of the in-game assets that indicate that the gameplay was running at checkerboard 4K.

However, the report noted that these artifacts could potentially be the result of a bug in the post-processing pipeline which is giving the impression that the 4K Anthem gameplay demo was running on checkerboard 4K.

Given that Bioware confirmed that the gameplay demo was using dual GTX 1080Ti to render it, it is a clear indication that the PC version of the game will support checkerboard 4K.

The reason why the PC version would support checkerboard 4K is that it requires fewer resources compared to the native 4K and provides image quality that is close to native 4K.

Also, this doesn’t mean that the game won’t be featuring support for native 4K because it will. The checkerboard 4K support might be for the systems that can’t support native 4K but might be able to pull off the checkerboard one.

However, until the game releases, we can only speculate so take it with a grain of salt. But, it would be interesting to see how Bioware manages to pull off checkerboard 4K on PC without compromising too much of image quality.

Also, this is not the first-time that checkerboard support has been featured in PC game as back in 2016 PC version of Quantum Break also featured the option of checkerboard full-HD resolution.

Speaking of Anthem, while it is up to 4 player co-op title but, players won’t be bound to other players in the open world as Bioware has confirmed that is a player runs off on his own, other players can leave him to die. Meaning, players won’t be bound to stay in close proximity to each other and can engage is different activities if they want.

What are your thoughts on Anthem possibly supporting checkerboard 4K for the PC version? Let us know in the comments.