It Has Been 3 Years Since Satoru Iwata Left Us, Let’s Remember Him

It has been three years since we lost Satoru Iwata and his loss is still felt in the game industry as Satoru Iwata was not only an influential figure in the gaming industry but he also has a special place in the hearts of gamers for his work as a developer and President at Nintendo.

Satoru Iwata started his career as a programmer at Nintendo and with his dedication to the company, he quickly rose through the ranks and eventually became the president of Nintendo.

Satoru Iwata has left a lasting legacy among the gamers and developer with his work such as the Nintendo Switch. Aside from his work, Iwata had a very charismatic personality that helped him win the hearts of gamers.

Even though he became the president of Nintendo, he never left sight of what was important and in his words, he always felt like a developer in his heart.

We will continue to miss Satoru Iwata with his lasting legacy of great games and ideas that changed the video game landscape and is still changing it.

Speaking of Iwata’s lasting legacy, Nintendo has been very forthcoming when it comes to cooperating with publishers and developers and Nintendo has been very forthcoming incorporating the crossplay for video games.

According to Nintendo, it is “inclined” To “help publishers incorporate crossplay” in video games available on Nintendo Switch.

Crossplay basically comes about from conversations between publishers and platform holders. We are inclined to do what we can to help publishers incorporate crossplay when that is what they want.

However, Nintendo is not the only one who has embraced cross-play as Microsoft recently introduced this feature in Minecraft for Nintendo Switch. Both companies announced it with a trailer which sort of took a jab at Sony for not allowing cross-play.

Co-operating with other publishers, keeping up the industry trends and giving the players what they want, whether its a dose of nostalgia or introducing a new trend, these are the values and legacy that Satoru Iwata has left behind for the game industry.