Pink Mercy Charity Money Totaled, Players Raised 12.7 Million Dollars

Back in May, we brought you coverage of a new Overwatch skin that was being used to raise money for charity, specifically to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Now, several weeks after that event has ended, the Pink Mercy charity money has been totaled to $12.7 million.

Early in the event’s lifetime, there was some concern that Sony would be skimming profits off of the Pink Mercy charity money in a similar manner to the same sort of controversy that happened with Middle-earth: Shadow of War, but it seems like there was nothing to this particular rumor and the BCRF is going to be getting all of the money that Blizzard raised.

The Pink Mercy skin was the only skin intended to be used for the program, and allowed players to buy the skin priced at $15. And, apparently, despite how expensive it was for just one skin, the Overwatch player community didn’t let Blizzard down. And, in addition to the nearly 13 million dollars that the skin alone raised, Blizzard also took in $130,000 in donations to top Twitch streamers that were streaming Overwatch to help raise money.

Altogether, the donation of the Pink Mercy charity money represents the largest donation that the Breast Cancer Research Foundation has ever received from a corporate partner within a year. That 12.7 million from the sale of skins alone means that around 847,000 Overwatch players all bought the skin to help support the charity event.

The actual Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October, so maybe Blizzard will have something else in store for that, but if they decide to make another skin and sell it, we can hopefully expect for Blizzard to be able to donate just as much money as before.

You can still donate to the BCRF outside of buying the Pink Mercy skin by going to their website.