Monster Hunter World PC Release Date Finally Revealed, August 9 Of This Year

The Monster Hunter World PC release date has finally been unveiled by Capcom, and it’ll be coming very soon. The game will be released on the PC on August 9, hopefully with all of the content that’s already been released to the console versions as well. The game was previously exclusive to Xbox One and PS4.

Monster Hunter World is the most recent Monster Hunter game released by Capcom, and has proven to be one of the most popular games in the entire franchise, with a new world to explore, new monsters to hunt and capture, and a wide variety of cool weapons to use. The game first came out for consoles in January of this year with the promise of a PC release sometime later down the road, but there wasn’t any concrete date for it.

Since its release back in January Monster Hunter World had a number of various events happen, which ranged from various special player events to the addition of multiple monsters both new and old, such as the most recent addition, the Deviljho.

This is also the first main Monster Hunter game to be released onto the PC, though numerous spinoffs have done that in the past (normally with various MMO games though there were a number of spinoffs for things like handheld consoles). One can only wonder how the game will play on the PC, and whether or not there’s a good enough market for the game there.

PC gaming is normally seen as the best way to play most video games, with the potential for better visuals and more refined control being two of its biggest draws, especially in terms of first person shooters. However, considering the success that Monster Hunter World had on consoles, the Monster Hunter World PC release date might end up opening a bigger market for Capcom and Monster Hunter.

Once again, the Monster Hunter World PC release date is on August 9, in around a month, so if you