Did We Just See Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum In A Spiderman PS4 Trailer?

When fans are preparing for something to arrive, they don’t just excitedly wait for it, the dig out every detail which they might find fascinating, they speculate again and again over the same piece of information until those speculations are crushed, and even then it doesn’t stop. Similar is what the fans seem to be doing, with the upcoming Spiderman for PS4. It seems to be that fans were able to spot, Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum in a Spiderman PS4 Trailer.

Which has had even more fans speculating that they just might interact, with the Marvel’s New York-based superheroes in this upcoming game. Well, we would love it, if that happens but it still is a longshot.

If you are a Spiderman fan, then you might already have spotted the Sanctum Sanctorum in earlier, Spiderman PS4 Trailer that rolled out last year at the Paris Games Week. Even after spotting it there still was a lot of doubt that whether it was really the Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum or something else? Since we could now spot it from a wide angle as displayed in the trailer.

However, with the E3 demo of the game, we were able to spot it out once again and this time fans can very clearly identify that it definitely is Doctor Strange’s base in the trailer, which ultimately meant it definitely is in the original game as well. So once again fans are all hyped up, that perhaps we just might have an interaction with the superheroes, whom we would really like to see in the game.

With all that said, the chances are pretty slim for even getting a chance to go inside the actual building, let alone an interaction with Doctor Strange, for that matter. Also, since the developers have not given any confirmation, it would be pointless to expect anything.

This situation is very similar to that of Venom. If you would recall, fans also wanted to see Venom in the Spiderman PS4 as well, unfortunately, the Insomniac Games Art Director and other developers confirmed that he will not be making any type of appearance in the game.

So perhaps, it would be the same case with the Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, seen in the trailer of the game or perhaps not.

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