Destiny 2 Forsaken Raid Boss Is A She And Is Pretty, Raid Team Lead Joe Blackburn Reveals

Recently Joe Blackburn took to his Twitter account and said something interesting, which really took over most of the Destiny 2 fans. He revealed a specific detail that just might help the fans figure out the Destiny 2 Forsaken Raid Boss.

Not sure what was the aim here, but Blackburn launching this either as an ignorant spoiler or perhaps as a misleading information, one thing is sure that he has had a lot of fans, speculating about the Destiny 2 Forsaken Raid Boss.

Now, coming to what he said that seems to have caught the eye, is the fact, he specifically mentioned that it’s a she. Which really helps fans narrow down the boss, astoundingly even with this much of reveal, there is still no sure shot name, just better speculations.

There have been a lot of theories, about who the Destiny 2 Forsaken Raid Boss might be? While a few fans have their bets on “Savathun” to play a role in the Destiny 2 Forsaken Raid, there also are other theories as well. Like perhaps the Awoken Queen, Mara Sov or Eris Morn might also play an important role in the expansion.

Now since Blackburn also said that she is “pretty” it seems to have complicated the speculation process as well. Considering the fact that determining who is pretty or not, is a relative question so it really mixes up the deduction process.

That said, a lot of fans still have their bets on Eris and Mara, perhaps we will know when the expansion rolls out.

The Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion is slated for September, and did you know that according to Bungie, Forsaken is about a revenge story, so you will be tracking down and killing those culprits.

Be that as it may, who do you think is the Destiny 2 Forsaken Raid Boss? Let us know in the comments below.