Blizzard May Be Developing Warcraft 4 Game, As Hinted In Job listing

Warcraft 4 is a game that all RTS enthusiasts have been longing for and while it has not been confirmed by Blizzard we do have a new job listing for Warcraft 3 that might indicate that Blizzard is working on a next-generation game and that might be Warcraft 4.

While the job listing does mention Warcraft 3 and this is a long shot but it is likely that this job listing is either for Warcraft 4 or a remake. Either way, I think this would be a great way to do things if Blizzard was ever going to jump-start the development of Warcraft 4. Plus if the company was working on the game or at least planning on making it I am sure that the job listings would not say Warcraft 4.

This bit of information comes from a Reddit user and we can see multiple comments speculating that it is possible that Warcraft 4 might be in development. But then again it is debatable and both sides of the argument have decent points worth looking into.

While I would like Warcraft 4 to come out as much as any other RTS enthusiast I think that at this point in time, a remake would make better sense. If a remake is in progress then this job listing would be a step in the right direction but first, the company will have to fix issues like no widescreen support, editor limitations etc.

The game needs to have features that meet the standards of 2018 and I think this is something that the fans will appreciate. The job description mentions the following responsibilities:

  • Design, implement and maintain various gameplay systems for Warcraft III
  • Work closely with game designers, programmers, and the community to ensure a great player experience
  • Champion Blizzard Entertainment’s core values, especially ‘Gameplay First’

The requirements include experience in shipping a title, which indicates that this person will not only be working on the current game but will be working on new games as well. This is speculation and you should take this information with a grain of salt. There are chances that this is not what we all think it is and that we are overthinking the matter.

Even if Warcraft 4 is in development or the company is interested in releasing it, it will take a long time. I would not expect Warcraft 4 to come out before 2020.

Let us know whether you think there will be a remake or we will see Warcraft 4.