When Nathan Drake From Uncharted Was Regaining His Health, His Luck Was Running Out

Remember the Uncharted Drake’s Fortune which released back in 20o7? Because if you do then you would really find this newly surfaced information regarding that old game very fascinating. Turns out when Nathan Drake¬†uses to regain his health, his luck was running out.

As you may remember regaining health in the game was something new at that time, and was utilized quite often. You might have noticed that almost every adventure of Drake used that health system but what most of the fans were not aware of was the fact that, it was more than a health system or in other words, it was not a health system at all.

Very recently, the Naughty Dog animator Jonathan Cooper took to his Twitter account and revealed this tidbit. Based on what he had to say, the health system in the Uncharted Drake’s Fortune was not really a health system at all.

The red outline we saw in the game was actually an indication that Nathen Drake’s luck was running out, rather than his health being regained. This news has also been confirmed by the original creator of the series, Amy Hennig.

So apparently this does change a lot of things and makes a lot of sense as well, that when a player finds himself in such situation, he can take some time off, hide out or something and wait for the bullet wounds to heal. Which is a really interesting, clever and unique feature to be added.

With all that said, have you played Uncharted The Lost Legacy? Because recently the creative director and writer Shaun Escayg, left Naughty Dog and the reason he said, was of Uncharted The Lost Legacy’s development.

Shaun Escayg left the studio, after about seven years of collaboration with the studio. He has worked on The Last Of Us: Left Behind, Uncharted 4, and Uncharted The Lost Legacy as the creative director and writer.

With all that said, what are your thoughts about the health system, alternatively reducing the characters luck in the game? Let us know in the comments below.