Just Cause 4 Features The “Best Open-World Sandbox Ever”, Devs Have “Stepped Up The Challenge”

Just Cause franchise is all about the open-world mayhem that players can cause and with the upcoming Just Cause 4, developer Avalanche Studios is aiming to create the best open-world sandbox ever that gives an expression of itself to the in-game world.

Speaking with Gamereactor, game director Francesco Antolini talked about the upcoming Just Cause 4 and how the developers aim to create an open-world that has a personality of its own.

We wanted to make the best open-world sandbox ever. We want to be the sandbox that gives the biggest possibility for expression in an open world. We wanted to push our physics to the boundary, and we wanted to get back to a feeling of variety and discovery that I feel we lost a little bit with Just Cause 3.

He added that Just Cause titles provide a freedom to the gamers to do what they imagine, these same things that players will be able to do in Just Cause games these same things players might not be able to do in other titles.

There’s these things that I read somewhere, but players say if you think you can do it in Just Cause, there’s a very good chance you can and also it would probably look better than you think, so we’re trying really to go towards these players. At the same time we know very well that not all gamers want to fiddle with the sandbox just for the sake of it, and so the truth is if you want to you can completely disregard this aspect of the game and just play it as you would play the previous games.

He noted that he doesn’t expect players to Play Just Cause 4 the way they play other open-world titles as the game’s open-world is not same as the others.

Not only that, this time around the developers have “stepped up the challenge” in Just Cause 4 with “the enemies, the enemies themselves, the AI – it’s much more advanced. You cannot play the game just standing on the ground; you need to be vertical”.

Speaking about the upcoming game, Just Cause titles aren’t exactly known for their single-player campaign and according to the developers, Just Cause 4’s focus on the narrative is based on the player feedback.

Just Cause 4 is an open-world action shooter in development at Avalanche Studios and is scheduled to launch on December 4, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: GameReactor