A Possible Fortnite Season 5 Leak, A New Desert Map Perhaps?

Here is a new leak which seems to imply that a new desert map just might be joining us in the Fortnite Season 5.

We came to know of this through a recently published report from Fortnie Insider; it turns out a member of the game community happened to stumble upon an area in Fortnite which seems to have been covered in sand. This has got most of the fans thinking.

Does it mean that a new desert map is coming to Fortnite Season 5? Well, a lot of fans seem to have their bets on it but since Epic Games has not said anything on this matter? It would be too early to speculate anything at this point, so we would recommend you to take this very lightly for now.

Interestingly the area that was discovered on the map is no longer there, turns out, it has been removed by Epic Games. So the disappearance of the texture that was recently visible seems to have pointed out, that this definitely is something which the developers might have accidentally leaked.

Having said that, when we talk about the addiction of this game we are not joking around, there is some real heat on the game, which does not seem to blow over. Recently a 9-year-old kid, who seems to be a die heart fan of Fortnite, smashed his own TV one day after losing a game. Which pretty much left his mother in despair, and she seems to be very much concerned about his changing behavior, due to this newly formed addiction.

So that’s the level of addiction this game has induced into the fans, lucky for us this only tells us how amazing this Battle Royale really is.

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