Death Stranding Damage Sensor Mechanic Teased By Hideo Kojima

There is a lot of anticipation for Hideo Kojima’s new IP in development, Death Stranding. While this IP is still a long way before we see it in action, its development has already begun, and with that, the developers have been rolling out slight details regarding the game lately. Recently the studio head Hideo Kojima took a little time, to briefly explain how the Death Stranding Damage Sensor Mechanic will play its role in the game.

Kojima recently took to his official Twitter account, and posted few images of the tape that read “VOID IF TEMPERED”. If you would remember the gameplay footage we saw at the E3 2018, Sam’s character was carrying bodies on his back, which were wrapped in a yellow tape.

The post that Kojima made is regarding that yellow tape. So according to Kojima, the tape will have a sensor fitted inside it and shall change colors if the package takes any kind of damage.

This tape is not there just for amusement, it actually has a proper function to play in the game. It will work as a gameplay mechanic in the game and will act as a damage indicator in the game. Using visual cues this tape will signify if any damage is being taken by the dead bodies, which Sam will be carrying.

At the moment it feels as if Kojima has not explained, but teased this information that apparently does not seem to connect much to what we know so far, but is enough for fans to linger on.

So until we hear more regarding the game, we will have to deal with this limited information regarding Death Stranding Damage Sensor Mechanic.

With all that said, consider this a beginning of the teases and trolls that will be following through. As you may already know that, if there is one thing Kojima loves, its trolling and teasing his fans.

With Death Stranding in development, it is a perfect time to cut open the hearts of fans with various teases, he can bring to the table.

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