Vermintide 2 Sonnstill Event Gives Special Quests, Double XP, Some Fixes

Fatshark has announced the beginning of the Vermintide 2 Sonnstill event, allowing players to experience a wide variety of temporary changes to the game along with a number of special events. This includes Double XP, new quests, a change to your safehouse location, and a few tweaks and fixes to the game.

Vermintide 2 released back in early summer of this year to a great deal of success, going off the sleeper hit status of the original Vermintide game. The Vermintide 2 Sonnstill event (named after the Warhammer world holiday that notes the summer solstice, the longest day of the year) is a celebration of summer, and will be going on until July 12.

To start off with, the base of players at the Taal’s Horn Keep has been decorated to be more festive despite the disrepair of the fort, but compared to how it normally is hopefully it at least lifts your mood a bit before you go down into Helmgart to fight the armies of the Dark Pact.

Players will also be able to get double the experience as they play through various missions. If you’ve been focusing on one character and one career path throughout the entirety of Vermintide 2’s life so far, this weekend and the Double XP ability will probably be your best option to be able to quickly level up your other characters.

New quests will also be included, giving you high-ranking chests as rewards for an Emperor’s Chest and Emperor’s Vault, which will both give you great loot. To get these, all you have to do is complete ten missions on Champion difficulty and 10 on Legend difficulty.

The various fixes that are coming with the Vermintide 2 Sonnstill event aren’t that much to write home about, but they’re mainly quality of life changes. Players will now be able to pick out the sounds of Special Skaven and Chaos warriors from the rabble, getting all of your potion effects, and fixing an issue where Bardin’s ears would clip through two of his helmets.

You can take part in the Vermintide 2 Sonnstill event now.