Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC “From The Ashes” Is Now Available

The first bit of Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC is now available for players to download. Entitled “From The Ashes”, the DLC is the first that the game has had since it released in February of this year, and will be a bit of a change from the original game’s gameplay.

In From The Ashes, players are appointed a bailiff, putting them in charge of a certain area of their lord’s land. You don’t own the buildings, but you do have to manage the settlement, allowing you to place buildings, settle disputes, and what people to bring in. You’ll also be able to take part in a new combat arena, play dice in a tavern, and take one of the new horses for a ride.

Players in the Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC will be able to manage their village and control its finances, upgrade your buildings (which will in turn give you items to help you through the game), hire special NPCs and other characters that you can encounter in the game to help you administer the settlement and boost its production, and mediate disputes.

With all of the things that you can do with this new village, you’ll be able to make a new village that you can call home, after your original village was destroyed at the intro to the game as the plot kicks off. Now that you can customize it, players will likely be able to form a better attachment with it, and hopefully it will be something you can fiddle with for a while in the game.

While the From The Ashes Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC might not be anything very substantial in the game, hopefully this is the gateway to a lot more stuff coming to the game to fill out the wilderness of Bohemia.