Fortnite Playground Mode Is Going Away Next Week, Will Be Underconstruction

It’s been just a few days since Playground Mode arrived in Fortnite and today Epic announced that the game mode will be going away next week on Thursday, 12th July. Epic is not taking the game mode offline forever but instead making changes to it which we will see in the next version of the mode.

Limited time Playground mode in Fortnite was well received by everyone. Playground mode was kind of a practice mode which provided everyone a chance to practice the game by trying out weapons, finding items and building. It also worked like a creative mode where you could do anything you want to by not being afraid of getting killed by others.

Epic Games announced on their Reddit by telling that the Playground LTM is going offline next week and will be under construction. The next version of the mode will include team options to the game allowing 1v1 or 2v2 to happen.

Here’s the full list of benefits you will gain by having the option to select teams:

  • 1v1s and 2v2s

  • Aim assist for controllers

  • Editing other player’s structures

  • Traps affecting teammates/enemies correctly

  • Highlighting teammates on the map

  • Damaging enemies with your pickax

Epic Games then went on to mention that it’s their first step to create a full creative mode which will be really fun to have and will provide everyone a way to play with your friends or against them.

So enjoy the mode until next week. Playground mode lasts for one hour and will give you enormous loot which you really fun with using against your friends or building material to practice building and become a pro.

In other news, Fortnite addiction is really a concern these days by parents, recently a kid smashed a TV after losing a game and Fortnite players are also getting scammed by bogus offers.