Fortnite Lost Burger Has Reappeared In Real Life, Desert Map Incoming?

There’s always something going on in Fortnite but the game is now seeping into the real world. It’s been some kind of mysterious portals have been found in the game and they have sucked many things from the map including a burger which has been found but in a real-life desert.

There are a lot of objects which have gone missing since these rifts or mysterious portals have appeared and Durrr Burger was one of them.  A photographer, Sela Shiloni went on Twitter to say that he found out this burger in a desert while working for another photo shoot.

The burger is surrounded by signs saying ”the site is unstable, beware of the possible effects or “if you can read this you’re in range of the anomaly”. But that’s not all there’s also a police car from in-game Fortnite present in this area which has caused everyone to believe that Epic is really up to something.

This looks like exactly something coming out of the portals from the in-game to the real life.  That’s what portals are used for but this is most likely another amazing marketing tactic by Epic Games for their upcoming season 5.

As for the photographer, Sela Shiloni. We don’t know whether he really bumped into that place or if he’s a part of Epic Games big plan for the next in-game reveal.

The burger being in a desert gives us the possibility of a desert location being included in the game which has been rumored for a long time and every fan has been requesting it.  We don’t know whether it’s going to be a full map or just a new location on the map.

So keep your eyes open in the game until the start of season 5 and in real life where you might something which has disappeared from Fortnite.