Todd Howard Discusses Starfield Plans For Next Gen, It’s Playable

There’s very little we know about Starfield and all we have seen yet is a teaser which included the main title but it was enough for everyone to go crazy about.

Starfield is a mainline project of Bethesda and Todd Howard said it’s a brand new next-gen game making it the first new IP from Bethesda in 25 years. The description from Todd Howard clearly tells the game is not going to launch anytime soon and is expected to launch not at least by 2020.

Todd recently revealed in an interview that they are still deciding on what systems the game should come on and what are the requirements to run it. They are working on Starfield with next gen in mind but that certainly doesn’t mean that the game will not come on the current systems as well.

You can expect the gameplay to be very futuristic and it’s something that Bethesda always does, it’s different and is being made exactly the way they like. He also mentioned that it includes many new systems and most probably the game will be a sci-fi RPG.

Todd Howard revealed that they always had a sci-fi game in mind after an apocalyptic game and they did get some ideas to finally start working on the Starfield after Fallout 4. Todd Howard mentioned that the game is in development and it’s indeed playable.

Source: Eurogamer