Solo Players Will Enjoy The Division 2 Campaign, Features Deep Narrative

When talking about games with extreme potential for a strong narrative campaign that didn’t stand up to the expectations, The Division 2 is one of the first titles to pop into mind. While players are worried that The Division 2 Campaign will suffer the same fate, its creative director begs to differ.

The Division 2 associate creative director, Chadi El-Zibaoui has spoken with Gaming Bolt and gave some insight about the solo experience in the game. According to him, The Division 2 campaign will be bigger and better this time, giving players what they’d want from a classic single-player campaign. He stated:

“The game is completely playable solo, even in-game activities. There will be certain activities, like the eight-man raids- of course, for this type of challenge players will be grouped with friends. But we have a very robust campaign, a deep narrative, lots of mysteries. So, if you’re a solo player, you’ll have a lot to explore in the campaign. From day one we’ll really be delivering content for all kinds of gear. Not just for the hardcore fans, but even if you’re a solo player.”

Undeniably, The Division is famous for its co-op gameplay, something that came as a reassurance to the lack of end-game content and strong campaign with the first title. Ubisoft already explained how they have taken fans’ feedback into account when creating The Division 2, providing players with a polished title that has tons of things to do after hitting its end-game.

The second installment to The Division will bear improvements to all segments of it. Updated graphics with possibly better optimization, new improved gameplay and a strong narrative to its campaign, better dynamic sound and a variety of end-game activities are those parts that the developers are focusing on.

The Division 2 launches on March 15 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.