July Xbox Update Launches Today, Here’s What’s Included

Microsoft is releasing the July Xbox Update today on Xbox One consoles, which brings new features, broadcasting tweaks and FastStart, an innovation that lets you start your games even if downloading hasn’t ended yet.

The July Xbox update isn’t your typical console update. It’s the first time for users to see the FastStart feature added to consoles, in a similar fashion like Blizzard’s “playable indication” when downloading a game on Battle.net. Apart from that, Xbox One owners can now group and search for games easier, in Microsoft’s attempt to make the UI of the Xbox One more user-friendly. Last but not least, Mixer broadcasters will get their fair share of tweaks on Xbox One, making the platform a little closer to the Twitch standards.

As Microsoft calls it, FastStart is an innovation that allows you to jump into your games twice as fast and play after downloading just a fraction of it. The list of FastStart available titles on the console will be small at launch, in hopes of making it bigger in the future. Microsoft hasn’t released the list of FastStart titles for now, but the official update page states that it will be available soon.

Grouping and easier searching for games will also be available on your Xbox One when the July Xbox Update rolls out. With hundreds of titles being added each month to Xbox One, it’s only logical for fans to request an easier way to search and keep their games organized.

Mixer is also getting a few tweaks, improving the video quality for broadcasters on Xbox One and make it even more stable. Furthermore, a few more changes are coming regarding Mixer broadcasting, including Full-Screen Broadcasting and controller improvements.

What do you think about the new July Xbox update? What feature would you want to see on the console in the future?