Hackers Have Emulated Nintendo 64 And Gamecube Games On Nintendo Switch

The vulnerability of Nintendo Switch seems to have been in the spotlight, for quite some time now. With various hackers exploiting the console, it seems like Nintendo will have to take serious steps to avoid going on like this, or it might make a lot of problems for the company, in regards to this console. Having said that it seems like hackers have been successful once again, with the console and this time they have emulated Nintendo 64 And Gamecube Games on Nintendo Switch.

Recently a Twitter user who goes by the name, “Mizumi” recently posted a few videos, in which we can see Nintendo 64 And Gamecube Games as well as, games from other consoles running on Switch. Which is really fascinating because now Switch users know that, they can play different games from other consoles, which they wanted to play in this specific console.

Some of the titles that can be seen on Nintendo Switch are Pokemon Snap and Super Smash Bros and Melee. At this moment, Virtual Boy and Nintendo DS games have been emulated onto Switch.

After knowing that such games can be played on Switch, one question that comes to mind is that, are they running smooth? Well, you would be happy to know that all of the games are running smoothly, colors have not been altered and are flawless.

At the moment, Nintendo has not given any response perhaps they themselves are figuring out a solution to this. That said, this is certainly not the first time Nintendo has to deal with Switch getting hacked, a little while back Nintendo issued permanent bans to those who use any kind of hack.

Seems like this time they will have to take bigger measures, than the ones taken before, in order to combat this hacking issue.

So have you checked out this hack? Let us know what you think about it, in the comments below.