EA Defends Pay To Win, FIFA Ultimate Team “Is A Choice” So Don’t Play It, Says Patrick Soderlund

EA has been criticized a lot lately with their introduction of microtransactions especially in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Everyone thought EA might have learned a thing or two but it seems like they know what they are doing and it’s fine according to them.

At E3 2018, a lot of people were disappointed when EA announced Command and Conquer as a mobile game and completely shattered the dreams of the people who’ve been playing the franchise on PC.

EA chief design officer Patrick Soderlund went on to say in an interview that the mobile is the future and C&C as a mobile game is the next natural step.

In the same interview, Patrick Soderlund was asked about loot boxes and he replied by saying that when you buy any product from us, you should look at it from the perspective of being fair, when you buy anything from EA you should get the full value of the game and there should be a fair economy in the game so you don’t have to pay to simply win anything.

But he contradicted everything he said when he defended their FIFA Ultimate by saying that “it’s a choice” and an optional mode. You don’t have to play it, it’s about the option of choice and you can choose to play it or not as there’s enough value in the game thanks to online modes, tournaments, and the Journey.

This clearly shows what EA is trying to do, there is no doubt EA will push pay-to-win models in future games but with time the company will get better with disguising it. What’s odd is how the community lost its mind when Star Wars Battlefront 2 had microtransactions but a similar system is in place in FIFA. And the same community is OK with shelling out hundreds of dollars for FIFA Ultimate team pay-to-win model.

Source: GameIndustry