Cyberpunk 2077 Drug Braindance Carries Risks To Its Use In The Game

CD Projekt RED has gone into detail talking about a Cyberpunk 2077 drug that will apparently be available to use in the game, called Braindance. This is only the most recent bit of world-building that CDPR has talked about in regards to their upcoming futuristic RPG, which got a trailer at E3.

According to the original trailer that was shown at E3, Night City, the central location of the game, is voted as the worst place to live in America due to a huge gap between the rich and poor, and a sky high rate of violence. While we got to see the violence in the trailer, the huge gap between the rich and poor, which has resulted in more people living below the poverty line than anywhere else in the country, has been elaborated on more.

Previously, CD Projekt RED had talked about a band in the world of Cyberpunk named Lizzy Wizzy and the Metadwarves, of whom Lizzy Wizzy was the only human member. Now, the Cyberpunk 2077 drug Braindance is the main focus.

Considering the situation that marks the gap between rich and poor in the game, Braindance is the “solution” to that and a number of other problems for many in Night City. Due to this being the future there’s also almost no privacy, and adding that to the huge amount of poor people in the city, the Cyberpunk 2077 drug has become highly popular on the black market in order to allow people a temporary escape from their circumstances.

However, in regards to the system, the player character will also have their own way to get out of the system. The jacket that they wear in the trailer is a merchandise jacket of a band called Samurai, an old punk band that’s also anti-establishment, injecting a good bit of symbolism into the game.

While there’s no telling how much you’ll be able to experience the Cyberpunk 2077 drug in the game, hopefully the game itself will give you plenty of hours of play when it comes out, hopefully sometime in the next year or two.