The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit Mega Guide – How To 100%, Completionists Guide

The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit Mega Guide will cover everything about the game. The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit is a small point and click adventure game in the Life is Strange universe, the game is developed by DontNod Entertainment and published by Square Enix.

The game take place 3 years after the events of the original Life is Strange. The game carries the vibe of the original Life is Strange focusing on tackling social issues faced by our society.

The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit Mega Guide

Our The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit Guide includes how to find treasures in the game, how to get your costume, and how to do different activities available to you. Our guide includes solving different puzzles to access locked activities and assembling your superheroes team and defeating different foes along the way.

There is also a mini-game you can access in the game. The game is full mysteries that includes certain flashbacks on the lives of your parents and at times covers some of your mother belongings.

Finding Your Costume

  • Super Hero Cape: You can find this item by heading to your room and it will be there in your closet.
  • Super Hero Helmet and Mask: There is two option for headwear. You can use Helmet that you can find in the kitchen on one of the shelves and if you want to use a mask, you will have to use Halloween makeup kit, which is on the right cover in the kitchen.
  • Super Hero Armor: You will also have two choices in this, One you can get cardboard armor in your Dad’s car which is parked in the garage or For light armor you will have to go to your dad’s room, you will find a sports bag your armor can be obtained from there.

You can paint your new armor as well. Find the garage key near the kitchen door and go to the garage, you will find the option to paint your armor on one of the shelves. In the garage the cabinet is locked which can be opened by code 2005, you will find the spray paint here and you will also find some things relating to Chris’s mother.

Game Activities and Treasures

One of the side activities includes opening your Dad’s phone to play the mini-game on the phone. The phone can be unlocked with the code 42983294/HAWTDAWG. The game is named HAWTDAWG Man Mustard Party 2 and is a fun piece to play.

When you are done with the activities in the house, you can go out there will be a tree house where you will be doing some activities in. There is a toy in the junk you cannot access yet; to access the toys you will need to complete the map in your room.

Half of it is hanging in the wall you will have to find the missing half, which you can find near the tree house there will be the cabinet on your left that contains the missing piece of the map. Go to your room, you will have to align the map that you can do in this pattern Left-Right-Left-left.

Finding all Heroes

Be sure to equip your costume to unleash your superpowers.

Power Bear
It can be found lying around in your bedroom.

Forest Warrior
It can be found on a table near your TV in your bedroom.

Sky Pirate
It can be found outside of the tree house.

Ice Queen
It can be found inside the tree house.

Dinosaur Toy
It can be found on the floor in the living room.

Finding all the Villains

  • Noctarious: You can play with Noctarious on the floor by the desk in your bedroom.
  • The Shark Stinger: You can play with The Shark Stringer on your TV in your bedroom.
  • Snowmancer: This is the snowman in your backyard.
  • Water-Eater: In the laundry room, there is a closed door you can find the Water-Eater in it.
  • Noctared: Can be found near the Tree house.
  • Mantroid: You need to access your dad’s key and drive the car (spirit-mobile) outside to access it.

This is all we have in our The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit Mega Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!