Rare Talks About Battle Royale For Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has sold millions of copies since it came out and while the launch was a bit shaky and far from perfect devs are working on providing what the people are asking for. Having that said Rare did touch on the matter of battle royal for Sea of Thieves. Battle Royale games and modes are becoming very popular indeed and we are seeing games that are dedicated to the concept. The upcoming Call of Duty game is Battle Royale, the upcoming BFV game has a Battle Royale feature as well.

Rare studio head Craig Duncan, and design director Mike Chapman talked about whether r not Sea of Thieves would have a battle royale mode and the following is what they had to say in this regard:

“I think there are so many examples of content in the game where we’re like, we always talk about the death mechanics and we turned it into the ghost ship. We put a Sea of Thieves spin on a familiar mechanic with new and interesting takes. We see the battle royale thing, but I think there will be opportunities to do that kind of thing differently. It’s interesting where you can take PvP in the game, but we’d want to put a unique Sea of Thieves spin on it and do something completely surprising.”

Rare is listening to the fans and will be working on providing the fans with what they want, on the other hand, devs have said that they will also keep surprising people. Craig Duncan further went on to mention the following:

“Our shared world is unique and the thing we’re most proud of is what you see, is a new I.P. and we wanted to do things differently – it has landed well with players and the feedback we’re getting is, “We love this foundation that you built. I just want to have more of it,” and that’s what we set up the team to do. The fact that we’ve kind of changed the perceptions of multiplayer, and the way we use mechanics in our world? We always want to surprise people. We want to keep doing these kinds of unexpected things that only we can do.”

Let us know what you think of Sea of Thieves having a battle royale mode and whether or not you would be interested in checking it out.