Take A Look At The First And The Original Xbox Console Prototype, Presented By Bill Gates

For those who are under the impression that the Xbox Console has always been a rectangular cube-like structure, they would be wrong because an image has surfaced of the first and the Original Xbox Console Prototype, which was presented by Bill Gates himself.

Microsoft perhaps thought it was about time, that the world saw what the Original Xbox Console Prototype was like, as introduced by Bill Gates himself at the Game Developers Conference GDC, of the year 2000.

The news came via Twitter when the face of Inside Xbox Graeme Boyd, revealed this historical piece located inside the Microsoft Visitor Center, which is located in Redmond, state of Washington.

If you take a look at this machine, it looks like a beast at least for its time. It is a huge X shaped block of aluminum and the estimated cost is about 18,000 dollars. That said, this was not the only Original Xbox Console Prototype at that time, there were others as well being showcased around the world.

As you might have guessed, this design was developed to amaze the observers, however, according to Seamus Blackley, the original console maker, this prototype really worked but since it was a little bit too ostentatious in appearance, it never made it.

Since we are talking about the Microsoft consoles, it seems like a next-gen Microsoft console is in the works. Although it is a bit far in terms of release, the work has definitely started. Recently the Microsoft’s Xbox Head Phill Spencer, revealed that the company is working alongside the Japanese Developers, to develop the NextGen Xbox console.

While at another instance he also shared, that he is of the belief that the next-gen Xbox console will probably be the last.

It feels like a lifetime ago, from the X-shaped Original Xbox Console Prototype that never reached the market, to the next-gen Xbox that is in the works.

What are your thoughts on this Xbox journey? And what are your thoughts on the prototype console? Let us know in the comments below.