Completing Forza Horizon 4 Forzathon Challenges Will Earn You Points Which You Can Spend In The Shop

The Xbox One exclusive upcoming game, Forza Horizon 4 has been the center of attention lately when fans saw the stunning trailer at E3 2018, the amazing visuals of the game was just one of the many things, that captivated the audience. Now though an interesting detail seems to have popped up about the game, it seems like there will also be a Forzathon shop, and apparently, by completing Forza Horizon 4 Forzathon Challenges you will be able to earn points, which you can use to spend on rewards of your own choice.

A fan addressed this question, to which the Turn 10 Studios design director Jon Knoles, said that, yes players will earn points by completing the Forza Horizon 4 Forzathon Challenges, then they can use those points to spend on the rotating rewards in the Forzathon Shop.

He also assured the fans, that Forzathon Shop will bring rewards like Cars, vanity items, emotes, horns and so much more. So by using the points, players will be free from the previously used system, like in Forza Horizon 3 in which they had to get some type of currency, in order to spend at the Forzathon shop.

Having said that, the Forzathon events will be held more often compared to the previous structure, in which players had to wait for a whole week in order to gain points.

All that information may be interesting but what really gets you off the chair, is what studio art director Benjamin Penrose revealed. According to him Forza Horizon 4, horizon stories feature, will take the players on various narratives of different types. Now that is something, which assures the quality of gaming that we can expect.

Be that as it may, Forza Horizon 4 is slated for 2nd October 2018 and shall roll out for PC and Xbox One. The game will also feature, 4K HDR.

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