Fortnite Rare Skin Wont Be Rare After Today, Skull Trooper Coming Back?

While Epic Games might be of the opinion that bringing one of the rarest skins in the game Item Shop, will make the players happy, well they might just be a little misinformed on that. Of course, a great many players are happy that they will be able to get their hands on this Fortnite Rare Skin, but those who have earned this skin with their hard work, they have the reason to not be.

Just yesterday, Epic Games took to the official Twitter account of Fortnite and posted a picture of the Fortnite Rare Skin “Red Knight” letting the fans know that this skin is coming to the Item Shop.

Following that, series of comments have been made from the fans who are not too happy with this move. As you may know that this Red Knight has featured only a few times in the Item Shop, the last one we saw was on the 20th of February.

Although now that, it has made its way on the Item Shop an emotional battle between the fans has been initiated, over this Fortnite Rare Skin. As you may know, fans work pretty hard to get their hands on such rare skins and after such efforts, when they see it in the game’s Item Store to be available for everyone, it really is nerve striking.

Some rare skins should remain rare, otherwise what is the purpose of them being deemed as rare?

With all that said, even with Fortnite being one of the most successful Battle Royale game, why Epic Games has not realized about such fans remains unknown, perhaps they will compensate them, perhaps not but this Fortnite Rare Skin is definitely out. So why not get it, while it’s available?

Another thing that most of the fans are speculating, is that perhaps this might be an opening for Skull Trooper skin. Skull Trooper is a black and white skull costume, which is, of course, another rare skin and fans seem to be confident, that it just might be coming back. At the moment it is not confirmed.

With that said, what are your thoughts about this Fortnite Rare Skin, Red Knight not being rare anymore? Let us know in the comments below.