Black Ops 4 Campaign Had No Place In The Game, Studio Co-Head Says

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is one of the most anticipated titles in production and there is no doubt about that, but there are a lot of fans who are very skeptical about the various changes and new features, that are being brought in the game. One of them being the single player version of the game, which as you may know is not being featured by Treyarch, in the game. The co-head at Treyarch, Dan Bunting has recently shed light on the matter, saying that multiplayer has always been the company’s prime focus, while the Black Ops 4 Campaign had no place to be fitted in.

There has been a lot of speculations and rumors lately as well, regarding the multiplayer being in focus, rather than the Black Ops 4 Campaign. To which the studio has explained many times that the campaign had no place in this game, that is in development.

Bunting said:

“If you’ve been following the Black Ops series, you’ll know that we never tell a story the same way twice. In the first game, your companion throughout the campaign was a figment of your imagination. In the second game, we told a branching story. And in Black Ops 3 the whole thing was all in the main character’s head. So we’ve always experimented with telling stories in different ways.”

What he is trying to say, is that the trend of Call Of Duty has always been different with its campaigns, they never really connected in the first place, in fact, each one was different in its nature and now they have decided to set more focus on the Black Ops 4 multiplayer, rather than the Black Ops 4 Campaign.

“We’re putting a lot more energy into the parts of the game where our players spend the most time. When you think of Treyarch you think of Zombies and multiplayer, so those are the parts of Black Ops that we want to bring to the forefront.” Bunting said

So ultimately it seems like, fans will have to settle in for what Treyarch is delivering them, and as for Black Ops 4 Campaign, it won’t be happening, and this is not the first explanation he has provided.

Perhaps, when we play the game, only then we would know why Treyarch has completely removed the campaign from the game.

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Source: vgr