Time Of Day Will Affect Enemy Types And Behavior In Anthem

Anthem is the next big sci-fi game which doesn’t need an introduction anymore and it’s set to release in February of next year. Thanks to all the fans who have been asking a lot of questions about various aspects of the game including the time of the day and how it’ll effect enemies.

A user went out to ask the executive director of Anthem, Mark Darrah about the daytime in the game and will it impact enemy types or behaviors, to which he replied by saying yes. So you can expect enemies to get more wild and angry during the night similar to what we have seen in The Dying Light.

This also means you will find some creatures only at night and some only in the daylight, their behavior will change according to the time aswell.

The game has a very responsive world and even the environment in the game is very interactive. After the confirmation of time of day and behavior changes, you might be wondering about how long will the day and night be, well the full is cycle is less than an hour so you’ll have some time to make it out somewhere safe or get well equipped to fight enemies off.

Anthem’s environment will also affect Javelin suits in the game. If it’s hot, cold, wet or dry it will affect your Javelin suit but it will also give you a tactical advantage. If you don’t know, you can take your Javelin underwater but if you stay in for too long you will drown.

In Anthem, you will be able to change your classes whenever you want in one account including characters but there will be a limit. You’ll start off as Ranger and other Javelin characters will be unlocked through a special mission.

Anthem is scheduled to release on February 22, 2019, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.