In Anthem 4 Player Co-Op, If a Teammate Runs Off, You Can Leave Him to Die

At this point, Anthem is beyond the phase of any introduction, the developers have been rolling out various details about the game quite too often, but mostly in the form of tiny tidbits and these tiny details, mostly come from the executive producer of Anthem, Mark Darrah. Among the most details he has revealed so far, about this upcoming game, a recent one seems to be quite fascinating for most of the players. In response to a query, Darrah clarified that in Anthem 4 Player Co-Op, you won’t be too dependent on your teammates.

A fan asked a question on Twitter about Anthem, referring to a situation that when you are playing the co-op mode, there is always one teammate, who gets lost saying “guys I don’t know where I am, can you come to find me”.

Which affects the game significantly, so the question was; will that be the case in Anthem 4 Player Co-Op as well? To which Darrah said that certainly, that won’t be the case in Anthem, because in Anthem you can leave them as they are,  and carry on with your game, nothing of that sort will affect your game. Even if they die, it won’t affect your game.

So apparently your loose ends won’t be holding you back, you can still carry on with your game, and if any teammate dies, it will not affect your game. You can play freely and there is nothing that will hold you back.

Having said that, the Javelin Suits seem to be quite the hype for the game lately, tons of new information related to these suits, have been rolling out. Like how long you can stay underwater and what happens when you stay underwater for too long and such.

What’s really fascinating is the information about the environment being very interactive, so you can be sure that this game certainly won’t be a disappointment. Still, until the game actually rolls out, we can’t say much.

Be that as it may, what are your thoughts about Anthem? Let us know in the comments below.