9 Years Ago A World of Warcraft Player Tried to Probe Himself in the Butt

Almost having a mental breakdown during an online video game session is something most gamers have been through. It isn’t easy to remain calm in a situation where you feel like punching a hole in your computer screen. However, probably the greatest freakout in history took place 9 years ago.

A kid lost his mind when his mother closed his World of Warcraft account. Almost a decade later it is still the funniest freakout you’ll see online. The video got millions of views and seeing its success the kid and his brother later turned the freakout into a web series.

Known as “the freakout kid” the teen is a YouTube celebrity now.

With 94M views at the time of this writing, this is one of the most watched videos on the platform. The best part about this, other than a demon possessing this young man, is the video’s comment section. Here are some of the best comments on the video but make sure you check out the video first if you haven’t already.

And Jesus spoke to the demon but the demon replied it is not the appointed time then Jesus said unto the demon shut up! Then boys soul returned to him.

Love and hate this kid at the same time. Just wondering what the tv remote in the ass was going to solve.

He went in blanket with clothes and came out without clothes

The power of Christ compels the power of Christ compels you the power of Christ compels you

I wonder if this kid hears yanny, or laurel….

They should add his moves in fortnite XD

We all have been mad but I doubt most of us tried to probe ourselves with a remote.