New Xbox One Elite Controller Spider Has Notable Improvements on Paper

As you may already know that, Xbox One Elite Controller’s original design made its debut, back in 2015 and was pretty pricey. This Xbox One Elite Controller was very much liked by the community but then following that, very little was known about its second version. However now though, a new report has surfaced which has highlighted, a lot of interesting details.

A report by Windows Central has revealed that this second version of the Xbox One Elite Controller, is now a reality and can be referred to as Spider. Why Spider? Well, apparently the design that it features at the backĀ is quite similar to that of spider legs, so naming it Spider makes sense.

This new Xbox One Elite Controller has a three-phase mechanism, which offers new options to the users; in terms of exerting force, when pressing the buttons as well as the movement of triggers, and command recognition in the game.

According to the report, there is a high possibility that this new Xbox One Elite Controller is based on a new technology, that has not been seen in the Microsoft controllers before. In fact, based on the report, this new technology has been patented by Microsoft. The new and improved technology focuses on tensions on the sticks, that shall allow the players to adjust the resistance, so players will be able to adjust the sticks to their comfort level.

This is a really good feature to be added to this new controller, provided the fact that the original model was mostly criticised for not including such features.

Having said that, this Xbox Elite Controller is one of the most loved controllers out there and those who thought this controller to be discontinued, now know that it is not the case.

Be that as it may, what are your thoughts about this controller? Let us know in the comments below.