Venom To Not Make An Appearance In Spiderman PS4, Insomniac Games Art Director Says

Now that we all are settled in the excitement for Spiderman PS4 making its way to the players, fans seem to be asking the big questions. That will Venom be making its appearance in Spiderman PS4 game? To which the Insomniac Games’ art director, Jacinda Chew has given somewhat of an impudent reply.

We all have seen minor evidence, that seems to have suggested that Venom just might be featured in the game, like the Stark Towers, and the reference of Avengers. Still, nothing solid was known about Venom making an appearance in Spiderman PS4.

While we all would love to see this villain in the game, at the moment we would recommend you to have fewer expectations for him. As when a fan asked a question on Twitter that “How big is Venom?” He got quite a cheeky reply from Jacinda Chew. She said, “Too big to fit.”

It could mean two of the things, either the art director is being cheeky about the villain or perhaps is giving some kind of a coded message that he just might be amazingly big. Although at many occurrences, this question has been addressed, with every answer to this same question, the confusion increases.

While most of the fans have been expressing a lot of emotions after reading her reply, there are most who are taking this as a thumbs down on Venom. They are of the opinion that Venom will not be making an appearance in the game and this reply says it so.

That said, for those who really want to see Venom in Spiderman PS4 are hopeful that this was somewhat of a coded message, and we just might see the most loved villain in the game.

Having said that, Chew and other developers working on the game seem to encounter this question quite often and they have already clarified that Venom will not be making an appearance in the game.

With all the clarifications, and answers it is still not clear, whether we will see him or not. Be that as it may, if you wish to check out the Villains that have been confirmed so far, you definitely can. Electro, Shocker, Rhino

Scorpion and many others are making their way in the game.