Pokemon Go Trading Guide – Adding Friends, How Trading Works, Stats, Trading Costs, Friendship Levels, Rewards

In this Pokemon Go Trading Guide, we will guide you on how to trade your Pokemon with other people in Pokemon Go. Pokemon Trading is a vital feature of any Pokemon game and it was recently added to Pokemon Go as well. The game has been out for nearly two years so people probably have a lot of extra Pokemon until now that they would love to trade with other people and get their favorite ones instead.

We have detailed everything that you need to know about Pokemon Trading in our Pokemon Go Trading Guide. We will guide you how you can trade your Pokemon, which Pokemon can be traded, and which cannot, what are the limitations to Pokemon Trading and what are the requirements of Pokemon Trading. After you are done with our Pokemon Go Trading Guide, you will have a complete knowledge of the Trading mechanic of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Trading

Sometimes to complete your Pokemon collection, you will be required to trade Pokemon with other players because some of the Pokemon in Pokemon Go are region exclusive and will spawn everywhere. Therefore, in such cases, trading is a very important mechanic and it will help you complete your Pokedex easily.

Adding Friends

Before you start trading with other trainers, you must add them as friends. To add someone as your friend, simply boot up your game and head to the Friends List. There tap the ‘Add Friends’ icon and it will show you a screen where your own Trainer Code will be displayed along with a form to enter the Trainer Code of your friend.

You can either send your own Trainer Code to your friend and he can send you a request or you can enter your friend’s Trainer Code to send them a friend request. Once the receiver has accepted the request, both of you are now friends and can start trading Pokemon.

There are different friendship levels in Pokemon Go. There is Good Friend, Great Friend, Ultra Friend and Best Friend. It all depends on how long both of you have been friends. The longer you stay friends, higher your friendship level becomes. This is very important because some of the higher level Pokemon can only be traded when you reach a high friendship level.

To increase the level of friendship quickly, you can send gifts to each other. Normally, this friendship level is increased as days go by but you can boost this process by sending them gifts.

Basic Trading Mechanics

You must reach Level 10 before you start trading your Pokemon. You can pick any extra Pokemon that you have and trade them with other people in your friends list to get the Pokemon that you want. Starting with the basics, you must be friends with the people you want to trade with and they should be willing to trade as well. You cannot trade with people who are not in your registered friends list.

During the trade, the IVs, HP, CP, and level of the Pokemon can change. This depends on the level of friendship between the two traders. Higher levels of friendship will increase all these stats to increase the bond between the two traders. Keep in mind that moves, gender, and size of the Pokemon will stay the same during a trade.

The Power Up level will depend on the recipient’s level. If a Pokemon has higher Power Up level than the recipient is currently allowed, the Pokemon’s level will go down accordingly. They cannot have a Pokemon with higher power level then they are allowed.

Also, keep in mind that a Pokemon can be traded only once. It cannot be traded again and again. If you have received a Pokemon via a trade, you cannot trade it again, not even with the same person. When you receive a Pokemon, it is yours to keep forever or you will have to delete it from your inventory.

Mythical Pokemon cannot be traded in the game because they are tied to special story missions and each trainer must go through them in order to obtain that Mythical Pokemon. On the other hand, Shiny and Legendary Pokemon can be traded.

At this time, Pokemon Trading is limited to 100 trades per day. The Pokemon must be in good health before you trade them. The game does not allow Pokemon with empty health bars to be traded.

Trading Costs

A normal Pokemon trade costs 100 Stardust. When we say a normal Pokemon trade, we mean that a Pokemon that is already registered in your Pokedex and it is not Shiny or Legendary. Shiny and Legendary trades cost you a lot more and if the Shiny and Legendary Pokemon are not registered in your Pokedex, the price for the trade is very high.

Also, you can only perform a special, Shiny or Legendary, trade once per day. To make another special trade, you must wait until 24 hours have passed since the last trade. Rest all mechanics are same for the special trades. Higher levels of friendship reduce the costs of these trades. We have detailed all Trading Costs below for you:

  • Standard Pokemon and already registered in Pokedex – 100 Stardust
  • Standard Pokemon but not registered in Pokedex – 20,000 Stardust
  • Shiny Pokemon and already registered in Pokedex – 20,000 Stardust
  • Shiny Pokemon but not registered in Pokedex – 1,000,000 Stardust
  • Legendary Pokemon and already registered in Pokedex – 20,000 Stardust
  • Legendary Pokemon but not registered in Pokedex – 1,000,000 Stardust

Attaining certain Friendship Levels will grant you special discounts on these trading costs. You can check the discounts detailed below.

  • Good Friend Discount – 0%
  • Great Friend Discount – 20%
  • Ultra Friend Discount – 92%
  • Best Friend Discount – 96%

Trading Rewards

You will also earn Pokemon Candy as rewards for each trade that you perform. This is dependent on the distance between you and the other trainer. Greater the distance, greater the amount of candy you get with each trade. You can check the amount of candy for each trade type below.

  • Close Distance between both Trainers – 1 Candy
  • Medium Distance between both Trainers – 2 Candy
  • High Distance between both Trainers – 3 Candy

This concludes our Pokemon Go Trading Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!