There Will Be Magical Elements In Anthem As Well, Something To Do With The Javelin Suits

Anthem is one of the games, that needs no introduction. Although the game is in development and will roll out next year in February. Fans are very much excited and have been asking a lot of questions, about the various aspects of the game. Like an interesting one that sought out to confirm, that will there be Magical Elements In Anthem? To which the executive producer of Anthem, Mark Darrah gave a limited response, but it was enough for fans.

Lately, Mark Darrah has been answering a lot of queries, being asked by the fans regarding Anthem. So among them, a user asked, “will the players have magical abilities or will they be,¬†only military based?” To which Darrah replied with a “Yes”. So apparently Darrah took the opportunity of a poorly orchestrated question, to tease out the fans with this interesting information.

Since the first question did not mention a few specifics, like magic for the Javelin Suits etc, it is hard to speculate. However, as Durrah has replied with a yes, to the question of another fan, that will the Javelin Suits have magical abilities. So it does mean that there are definitely going to be Magical Elements In Anthem, that is for sure.

Although, how, where and when? or any other details are unknown. In fact, knowing that the Javelin Suits are tech-based it is very hard to contemplate, what kind of magical element will there be in the suits.

Considering the recently revealed information that, if a player stays underwater for too long he will die, even with the Javelin Suits. It highlights the point that the suits are more military based and have limitations, so how will the suits work with magic in context, is the big question.

Having said that, according to the developers the environment of Anthem is exceptionally interactive, which is something that rings a buzzer that, perhaps, Durrah was referring to the magically interactive environment. That using the suits to interact with the environment, will be magical in a way.

Be that as it may, these are mere speculations so, we can not be sure about anything. What we can be sure of, is that there definitely will be Magical Elements In Anthem.

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