Kojima Retweets CHVRCHES Band Tweet, Theme For Death Stranding?

Death Stranding which is one of the most mysterious games ever made in the gaming industry (apparently), and looks like Hideo Kojima wants everyone to know more about the game and what’s going on with his recent Tweets in a cryptic way.

Kojima has recently retweeted CHVRCHES band Tweet which has a description of “Recording something secret”. We don’t know about you but in the recent years, we have learned a lot about Kojima which tells us that it’s something linked to the Death Stranding.

CHVRCHES is a popular Scottish synth-pop band which has delivered some of your favorite tracks already and this new one might be just another to be added to your list. The Tweet shows Lauren Mayberry and she’s clearly telling it’s some kind of a hidden or secret music project as we have mentioned above.

Everything has a particular reason to happen and Kojima retweeting this could mean they are working together to create a theme track for Death Stranding. Kojima is a master of keeping us all guessing so we will leave this to him again until he confirms or when the game releases.

Recently he shared some more Death Stranding information in a Tweet which was just as cryptic as everything else from the game until now. This time it was about hands or more particularly handshakes.

You might be tired of these cryptic Tweets but Kojima believes that the publicity of a game is a bad approach as it reveals so much about the game so the next time you see something from Kojima, do know that he doesn’t want to spoil anything for you.

Death Stranding has a very strong cast of big actors which includes Lindsay Wagner and it wasn’t easy for Kojima to convince her to be in the game.

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