Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Talks About Sora, Demo Feedback And The Final Battle

Kingdom Hearts 3 is on its way and it’s going to be just like other previous games in the series with an aim to provide the best storyline along with beloved characters and new worlds. There’s some time for the game to arrive but to fill the emptiness, there’s always something new we want to tell the fans about.

At E3 2018 last month, Game Informer had a very detailed talk with the director of Kingdom Hearts series, Tetsuya Nomura. Nomura answered various questions including about Sora’s personality, demo feedback and what’s he’s most excited for.

Some fans were invited to play the hands-on demo of Kingdom Hearts 3 in California and he was asked whether the team will make tweaks or adjustments to the game based on the feedback. Nomura made it clear the event wasn’t held to get any feedback but instead to show the game so everyone can talk about it in details afterward.

The team doesn’t act after a single feedback and they mentioned they do take a look at online comments and some have been under consideration as they have been continuously testing the game.

Then he was asked about the most beloved character in their series, Sora and how his positivity will be tested to which Nomura replied by saying.

“He is a very bright character in general, but there will be many serious themes with Sora that involve [him] in Kingdom Hearts III,” Nomura says. “There will be a few times where Sora will be on the edge of despair, but because he’s so bright and he has that personality, he quickly brings it back to a neutral state. I think that’s a strength he has, and another strength he has is this trust and believe in others. I think that’s always been what helped him through the storyline and I think that will be another driving factor for him in Kingdom Hearts III.”

In the end, he was asked about what he’s most excited for the fans to see in the game and he was really confused to answer that. The game is full of surprises and combat mechanics are just great. He did mention that if it has to be just one, it has to be the last battle in the game and a new location which he wanted to create from a very long time.