Just Cause 4 Gameplay Features – A Brave New World, Mod Support, What We Want To See

Step back into Michael Bay’s favorite video game series, Just Cause with this explosive return back to what made the series amazing. Moreover, this time around we have got more improvements to the physics system making sure the explosive fun is much more authentic and many other possibilities also arise. Let’s take a look at what new Just Cause 4 gameplay features we will be getting.

Just Cause 4 Gameplay

First of all, it is important to note that Avalanche Studios have ditched their long-running engine that was responsible for functioning the previous Just Cause games. This time around, they unveiled that a new engine would power up the game, Apex Engine.

With such a change, every aspect of the game differs and is affected compared to the previous entries. The graphics, animations, fluidity in movement, lighting, and draw distances. This opens up more ways of interacting with the environment, traversing the land masses quicker and most importantly, and blowing shit to smithereens.

From the trailer alone, you could see that natural disasters can now occur to give destruction on even a larger scale than before. The tornadoes, thunderstorms, etc. will behave as they would in the real world, based on physics systems, sucking up everything they can.

From the demo shown off-screen, you could make a point about how ambitious the game actually is. Nor is there just a storm destroying everything in its path, your objective is to chase down that tornado in a specialized aptly named vehicle, Stormchaser. The vehicle is not really affected by the harsh winds and driving up to the tornado holds a sight to behold.

There is also the Air Lifter, a new Fulton-like device from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain that allows you to use balloons to fasten objects, gear, and even enemies to the device and have them lifted up in the air. The grappling hook has also received modifications like a shock-attachment to electrocute enemies.

Community and Longevity through Mod Support

Whenever it comes to games that are open world or sandbox-oriented and have a PC release, you can be damn sure there will be mods. This is both for introducing features that the community can have more fun with and also for ensuring the game ages well and is suitable to be played again years later.

Even with a game like GTA and its online aspect which the developers have promised and shown to have supported throughout the life cycle of the game, mods are still popular. Just Cause is no stranger to this as there have been mods to bring new cosmetic items and even multiplayer to Just Cause 2 and Just Cause 3. But there was not much success, mainly because the engine was difficult to optimize for changes.

With the new engine, there is a new life for mods. Multiplayer has long been the wish of every Just Cause fan, and Just Cause 4 seems like such a fitting opportunity. With tonnes to do in the destructive sandbox game, it’s the perfect idea of hanging out with friends on a Saturday evening video game session.

Sadly, we have yet to receive any update or hint towards a potential Multiplayer Mode by the developers. Looks like we are going to have to rely on the loving community again to deliver us the unofficial multiplayer mod. Or maybe, the developers can step in and provide some aid to the users with the modding tools for the game.

This will not only attract more fans, more modding communities but also be quite the monetary success for the publishers seeing as how the game will continue to live long after its release.

What We Want

Whenever you were low on health in Just Cause 3, you were treated to a black and white, screen with red splashes at the corners to indicate danger and that you had to regenerate HP. Perhaps, they could find a better way to give the same indication because, in a game that is full of beautiful environments and sound effects, these segments take that away.

Certain mechanics to movement system will also add a layer of depth to the gameplay. Positions, like being prone, crouched, or sprinting, is common to many games and Just Cause 4 can receive a similar treatment.

After all, when you are not exploring the map, and instead engaging enemy forces, these mechanics will be of importance. Ground combat, after all, is also quite prominent in the game and should be of emphasis on the next one too.

Driving could also receive major improvements since the handling in Just Cause 3 felt really arcadish. It was almost as if all the vehicles drove the same way and most felt weightless. Just one collision with a small rock and your vehicle went off flying. With more physics-related models and systems, we are hoping for a deeper driving mechanic in the game.

The little we have seen of Just Cause 4 gameplay definitely has us excited. A couple of improvements over Just Cause 3 and we can already see ourselves sinking in the game’s world. Looking forward to Just Cause 4, be sure to let us know in the comments section below!