There Was A Fallout 76 Tease In Fallout 4 And No One Noticed Until Now

While the introduction to Fallout 4 was certainly the most dramatic and unconventional opening of any Fallout game before, it appears that there was a Fallout 76 tease in it that no one noticed until after Bethesda actually announced the game, and it’s an easily missable one to boot, if you don’t listen.

The Fallout 76 tease in question comes from the TV in the player character’s house, where the news is being read. As the player comes into the room for the first time, the news anchor is reading off about how Vault 76, the newest Vault to be completed by Vault-Tec, is the 100th such Vault placed around the United States in anticipation of nuclear war.

And, as we can see in the opening trailer of Fallout 76, that Vault stuck to its purpose perfectly, especially since it was a control Vault, meaning that Vault-Tec allowed it to serve its intended purpose rather than conduct some sort of horrifying experiment on the people inside.

While we don’t know if Fallout 76 was even in planning or any sort of concept stage by that time, it’s too well-timed for it to be a coincidence. Not to mention there’s still plenty of different Vaults that Bethesda could have picked for players to come from, even though we’ve encountered a large number of them across the entire franchise.

A Fallout 76 tease was even present in Fallout 3, where a terminal that you could find revealed the existence of the Vault as a control vault and that it was located somewhere in the DC area. While this isn’t true (there are a number of Vaults around DC but 76 is located in West Virginia, not Maryland), that’s still a long way to go back in order to look for clues about the Vault.

Fallout 76 will be releasing for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on November 18 of this year.