New Dying Light 2 Gameplay Features Outlined – Improved Parkour, Inner Threats, Weapons, Bosses

Hot off its announcement at E3 2018, Dying Light 2 is still giving us a lot of things to get excited about. From previews, off-screen gameplay impressions, and more content shown or talked about apart from the trailer, we have put together some important Dying Light 2 gameplay aspects that paint the sequel in a different light than the previous installment.

Dying Light 2 Gameplay – A Grimmer Look

From the trailer alone, it is evident that things will be more serious this time around. Not only do you not see the infected as a lesser threat, you will notice how the struggle and threat come from within. The matters are more personal and the fight is against the humans themselves.

Since the game is set many years after the events of the first one, people have risen to fight against the infected and have become quite firm in it. They have reached a point that the zombies do not scare them anymore and they could finally focus on rebuilding the society, the lost world.

Moreover, there seems to be a government more strict than North Korea, as you see people getting hanged, trialed, and not many of them outside frankly. There is still fear but from a creature of a different nature.

A Bolder Narrative

Techland is not going lightly about the game’s story this time around. Unlike the previous entry that struggled at points when it came to the narrative of the game, the studio has since employed talented writers who have worked on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Fallout series.

Additionally, contrary to the Turkish setting of the first game, this one appears to be set in a bigger European nation. After all, the map will be 4 times larger in size compared to the first Dying Light. This will allow the story to take on many perspectives and take interesting and unique directions.

Fear from Within

As mentioned above, the infected are not the only threat you will be facing. This time around, there will be different human factions, each with their own motivations and goals. Some will be friendlier while others like the Peacekeepers shown in the trailer do not think much of diplomacy.

Techland has also teased other factions, namely the Hunters who will not be quite keen with your character and will look for every opportunity as an excuse to start violence. Be careful about making friends and enemies in this post-apocalyptic world!

Shape your Own Narrative

Decisions will play quite a big role when it comes to the events of the game. Your choice to ally with certain factions will mean it could either bring new facilities into the area, like the bridges and structures to provide water, as we saw in the trailer.

However, they could also come back to bite you in unexpected ways. The same people you have sided with may think of the now ample water sources as something they could profit from. This will lead to selling water on the black market and thus allowing the arrival of thugs and other less civilized factions into town.

This is just one example of the many decisions that you will be able to make both through gameplay choices and dialogue options. Therefore, you create your own story and this adds a little RPG touch to the franchise.

Journey into the Night

All in all, this is still a zombie-survival game. The danger could not be more menacing as the night approaches. We will be seeing more terrifying zombie types and more ways to take care of them. The game will allow players the pleasure of both approaches: stealth or guns blazing. Of course, the former would be advised since some of these tough creatures will not bite the dust so quickly.

Whenever you are going out in the night, be fully prepared! You never know one moment you are taking a nice look at the desolate but not completely destroyed European city and the next thing you see is a 7 ft. tall berserk zombie chasing you down. Do not make noise, and if you do, make some more through your firearms.

Run Boy, Run!

Parkour has been reworked in some sense. With tweaks in the engine, the game will now have more opportunities in the environment to move more dynamically and strategically. The physics of both the animations of the character and their effects on the environment will be more logical.

There will also be parkour puzzles, a new feature that will require some careful planning and analysis of your surroundings. These include swinging off poles, jumping off to higher platforms, and things we have come to see in games like Uncharted.

The parkour also plays a role in exploration and scavenging materials during the day. You would also need to make more than one use of the environment, as running away and jumping off to moving convoys looked pretty rad in the trailer that we got. Do keep one thing in mind though, if you continuously flee from a situation, you will be running low on stamina and that is not a good situation to be in – especially in the night!

Sharpen your Blades

The combat in the game feels more dynamic and tactical than before. Like the bosses in Dark Souls, you will now be required to anticipate the opponent’s attacking moves before you can land one of your own. The fights are now more brutal than ever because of the emphasis on melee weapons like a sharpened street sign attached to a wooden rod to form an ax, something the protagonist was holding in the trailer.

Guns will be rather difficult to find so you will have to go all medieval on the enemies and use your movement in combat like dodging or parrying until you find an opening in which to deliver a powerful blow.

This is so far all we know about Dying Light 2 gameplay. We will continue to cover the game extensively so be sure to stay tuned!