Micron Technology DRAM Manufacturer Banned By China, DRAM Prices To Increase Even Further

DRAM prices have been skyrocketing recently and in the past year, we have seen prices more than double. This is very serious as gamers are unable to buy DRAM due to the high prices. This will also reflect in the pricing of upcoming products that use DRAM as well as NAND. Graphics cards are predicted to become more expensive and if you thought things are going to get any better than it seems that you were wrong. DRAM prices are predicted to go even higher.

China has just banned major DRAM maker Micron from selling products including DRAM and NAND storage. While the ban is temporary, this will cut the company off from USA and this means that prices of DRAM and NAND will go even higher.

Previously, it was thought that the top DRAM manufacturers were keeping the price high on purpose by restricting supply but we are not sure of the matter as of right now and the matter is being investigated as we speak. If this ban does go on then this means that a major player in the market will be removed, even though for a short time.

The remaining 2 players in the market will not be able to provide as much supply and the prices of DRAM will increase even further. If you were hoping for prices to go down then that might not happen any time soon and if you were in the market for RAM then I think that you should get some while prices are where they are at the moment.

In the upcoming weeks or so DRAM prices might increase even higher. We will keep you updated regarding the matter so stay tuned for more information and updates regarding DRAM prices and the case against the top 3 DRAM manufacturers; SK Hynix, Micron and Samsung.

Let us know what you think about this ban and whether or not you are willing to pay an even higher price for DRAM.