Columbus Circle Releases Nintendo Switch Vs System For Multiplayer Play

The company Columbus Circle has apparently released the Nintendo Switch Vs System in Japan, which allows users to have two Switch gamepads and four JoyCons. The current device brings to mind the Nintendo Vs System, which came out in the late 80s. This version is likely a nostalgic effort.

The Nintendo Switch allows for various system links and online play (though it’s not technically an online Nintendo service, at least until that actually is started by Nintendo later this year), but the Nintendo Switch Vs system is still another way for people to be able to play together.

The system is not only unavailable in the West, but is also very expensive, selling for around 8,300 yen (or 8,964 with taxes). It also appears that you have to put in the Switches yourself along with connecting them to the system, meaning that you’ll likely be set back a fair amount in terms of money if you want to buy and set up the system.

While it’s not that hard to connect your Switch consoles (there are a number of panels and cables that you can quite easily open and connect), the price is, as with many things, the main obstacle.

While this would be a good investment if you owned some sort of arcade or had a dedicated gaming space that you could use the Nintendo Switch Vs to play with a friend often, something this expensive, even if its price only comes to around eighty dollars in American money due to how poor the Yen is against the dollar.

Either way, who knows if the system will be coming to the West at all in the future, especially when people like to make their Switches portable rather than keeping their pads in one spot, even if it would be easy to remove them to take them on the road somewhere.