BioWare Figuring Out What Should Dragon Age 4 Be Like, Still It Is Just A Thought Process

Fans are in a bit of a dark when it comes to the Dragon Age series, the game series itself seems to be is a strange place right now, which is quite similar to the state in which its developing company BioWare is as well. Now because of that, there has been a lot of confusion and speculations among fans, about the next Dragon Age game in the series. Has the development started? What will it be like? So on and so forth. Well among other few things, BioWare’s general manager Casey Hudson, in an interview has also shed light on Dragon Age 4.

We are already aware of the fact that BioWare has its focus set on the major title Anthem, which itself seems to be an amazing game, still, fans are very much skeptical about the next Dragon Age game, presumed to be Dragon Age 4. What stage of development is it in? Does the company have new plans for it? Has the company even started to work on it?

According to Casey Hudson, the next Dragon Age is the game which the studio has initiated work on. Having that understood, by work he is referring to the thought process, which may span over years.

He said:

“[BioWare] do have people figuring out what the next Dragon Age will look like.”

Then talking about the world of Mass Effect, Dragon Age and now Anthem, he said that such act of creation involves a process that expands over the years. A lot of work is done in every aspect, to make it as brilliant as possible.

“It is amazing to have new IP that you’ve developed and that you own, because that’s part of the fun for us: having created Mass Effect, Dragon Age and now Anthem,” he said “These are worlds that we can think of many years in advance about where we want to take the franchise, the story, and things like that.”

If you wish to check out the complete interview, you certainly can, apart from that, former BioWare writer Mike Laidlaw, recently gave away a few details regarding the Dragon Age 4, at the Game Developers Conference 2018.

Adding to this information, the executive producer of the game Anthem, Mark Darrah, has recently confirmed that he is also going to be the executive producer of the next Dragon Age game.

So one thing is for sure, the game development has definitely started or is very close to its start, the company is definitely prepping up for it. That said, it is still a long way from release, perhaps a few years before we get to see it.

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Source: Gameinformer