How The Last Of Us 2 Combat Improves Over The First Game? Everything You Need To Know

During E3 2018, Sony finally revealed the actual gameplay of The Last of Us 2 along with a huge focus on The Last of Us 2 combat. Sony officially confirmed the game during their Playstation Experience Event held in 2016. You can check the official announcement trailer below:

This was the first official confirmation by Sony for The Last of Us 2 which follows the story of the original The Last of Us released back in 2013 on the PS3 console. Now, during the E3 2018 conference, the developers of the game finally showed actual footage of the brutal gameplay of The Last of Us 2 and it looks amazing.

The Last of Us 2 Combat

We will be discussing the combat aspect of The Last of Us 2 here and we will see how much it has improved over the first game. Naughty Dog has never ceased to impress gamers. Every game they have released so far has been a major improvement over the last game regarding every aspect.

From the looks of the trailer, The Last of Us 2 is also getting the same treatment and the game looks amazing. The combat of the game has been totally revamped and we can now see tons of new combat moves and some of these mechanics are not even present in some of the best shooters out there. Before we start with the combat, you must see the gameplay reveal video shown at E3 2018 below to see Ellie in action:

As we all know that for the second game, we will be playing as Ellie as the main character. She has come a long way since the first game where she is learning combat from Joel and mostly naïve about things.

This time around, she is mostly angry and not happy with how the things are going on around her. She seems more battle hardened and she does not seem to hesitate before killing anyone brutally now. It seems like times have been tough on her and she is now a totally different character than the first game.

More Brutal Combat

Now, coming to the combat of the game, we can see that the combat is now even more brutal than the original game. We saw some really cool but brutal finishing moves in The Last of Us but some of the kills shown in the demo just blow them away in terms of brutality.

The Last of Us 2’s combat features some really deadly moves and finishers and even the normal melee combat is now more brutal where you can see cuts and bruises where the weapons hit your enemies and blood dripping from them.

New Status Effects

During one scene, we can also see Ellie pulling an arrow out of her shoulder which is not just a simple healing animation. This is actually an entirely new game mechanic where arrows can actually pierce Ellie’s body and she will have to pull them out.

This adds to the game’s already tough mechanics and the raw feeling of managing yourself and surviving in the wild where you must keep the enemies at bay and tend to yourself at the same time. This also shows that the game will be having status effects such as poison in the game.

The Last of Us 2

Pierced arrows will be able to inflict status effects and they will make certain aid mechanics unavailable while their status effects are active such as listen mode or affect your aiming. This is going to make you try a totally new approach of how to approach combat.

You must actually think of some sort of strategy before jumping into combat with your enemies instead of just running in them all guns blazing. You will need to pull them out during combat otherwise; they will seriously hamper your combat skills.

The developers of the game are also hinting at some sort of new status effects with other weapons but we have no words on that at the moment. We hope that we will get to see more on this in the near future.

More Combat Maneuverability

We can also see from the trailer that Ellie can now crawl under vehicles for added combat advantage. This is again a new feature and it will allow us to try out new ways of clearing out areas filled with enemies. Most of the games just simply ignore this very simple mechanic.

Each weapon impact also seems more deadly as whenever Ellie or an enemy is hit with a weapon or an arrow, they show greater reactions than before and will fall down or bend down gasping with pain. Sometimes they will fall down if you hit them while running or sometimes they will simply show a reaction to the wound but continue running.

New Dodge Animations

The developers have also worked on some new dodge animations and you will now be able to dodge enemy attacks. It is as simple as pressing a button and Ellie will execute a dodge animation whichever is suitable according to the current combat situation.

They are scripted and already implemented in the combat system so you just simply need to press a button to dodge enemy attacks and the game will do the rest for you. There are specific dodge moves for specific weapons and specific angles and the game will decide whatever is most suitable for the current situation.

Improved Factions Mode

Everyone’s favorite Factions Online is coming back to The Last of Us 2 and it is now even better. With new combat features added to the game, we can say that the online aspect of the game is about to get even more brutal as well.

All new combat features will also be present in the online modes and players will be able to use them to their will to exploit their enemies’ weak sides. You will be able to crawl under vehicles, dodge enemy attacks, and use all new combat mechanics to aim for the first place.

The Last of Us 2 received the second trailer in late 2017 during the Paris Games Week as well. This trailer showed us some part of the story but had no actual gameplay footage. You can check it out below:

Let us know in the comments section below about how you feel about The Last of Us 2 Combat. Are you excited about the new features of the game and will you be getting the game when it is finally launched?