PlayStation 5, Next Generation Xbox Release Hinted In Call Of Duty Job Listing

We have recently been a getting a lot of reports regarding the future of Call of Duty and a new job description hints at the PlayStation 5 and next generation Xbox release. The job description is for a Narrative Scripter for an upcoming game and the following wording what I found to be very interesting indeed:

“Come work with the game industry’s brightest on a new, exciting, unannounced title for multiple next gen platforms.”

If this game is going to be coming out next year it is possible that the upcoming PlayStation 5 and next generation Xbox release will be next year as well but then again this is an unannounced title and we have no idea when this is going to be coming out. The PS5 has been rumored to be coming out around 2020 and we know that Microsoft is already architecturing the next generation Xbox One.

It seems that while Call of Duty is moving towards Battle Royale, for now, that might not always be the case and it seems that this unannounced title will again feature a campaign mode, which means that there will also be a single player part of the game. Other than that the job description also mentions a couple of other requirements with are as follows:

  • A cinematic ear for dialogue pacing.
  • A strong desire to bring life to game characters through naturalistic and cinematic implementation of vocal performance.
  • A strong interest and passion for First Person Shooter (FPS) games
  • The ability to dissect and discuss level design in recent games.
  • A broad understanding of both multiplayer and single player game design.
  • Familiarity with game editor tools such as Radiant, Unreal, Unity or Crytek Editors a plus.
  • Knowledge of scripting languages such as Python, Lua, or similar scripting language.
  • Self-motivated with excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Prior internship or game development experience a plus.

Furthermore, Todd Howard also mentioned that Starfield ill be a next generation game and the following is what he had to say about the game and what it means for the game to be a next generation title:

That to us means two things. It does mean hardware and it does mean software on our side, and it also means gameplay. What systems we put it out on – what’s the hardware requirements – is still to be determined. We’re pushing it; we’re thinking very, very far in future so we’re building something that will handle next-generation hardware.

Let us know what you think about the PlayStation 5 and next generation Xbox and whether or not you think these consoles could be coming out next year.