Overwatch Hammond Guide – How To Play, Abilities, Weapons, Ultimate, Counters, and Match-ups

The 28th hero of Overwatch is known as Hammond and this hero has a cuteness overload. However, this hero is also quite difficult to master. The wrecking ball that is controlled by Hammond has quite a few different things to watch out for and you will need this Overwatch Hammond Guide. Our Overwatch Hammond Guide will tell you all about how to use Hammond when you are battling it out in the arena and will let you know how you can make the most of your new chubby friend.

Overwatch Hammond

As you know, Hammond himself does not fight. He uses a massive mech-warrior to do the job for him. The warrior has a lot of abilities that you can make use of and we will be outlining all of them in great detail. After that, we will be giving you a few tips and tricks on how to best play Hammond. Let’s go ahead and take a look at all of the tips and tricks that will make you good with Hammond.

Abilities and Weapons

The Quad Cannons are your Automatic Assault Weapons. Use them to deal damage; not much else to say! You can use the ‘Roll’ ability by pressing the Left Shift. This ability allows you to increase your maximum speed by turning yourself into a ball.

You also have Grappling Claw on your right mouse button which can swing enemies around the area. If they collide with something, they can be knocked back and are dealt damage. Adaptive Shield can be used to create a shield around you which will provide you more protection if there are more enemies near you. You can also deploy a minefield with Proximity Mines by pressing Q. Apart from this, you can press the Left Control button to slam onto the ground which deals damage to all enemies in the radius and launches them all in the air.

Tips and Tricks

Remember that you can use ‘Roll’ to escape fights for when the going gets tough. It will be very difficult for enemies to chase you once you are on a roll!

You can also use the Minefield to brilliant effect in team fights to zone away enemies from one another and have your team focus on one single enemy rather than the whole lot. Just remember that it takes a little while for the mines to be active once they have been deployed.

Enemies which your allies can easily take down should be the target of your piledriver as it will knock them up in the air and your team will easily be able to capitalize off of that. You can use your Grappling Claw on an archway to start flying through the air for a better angle for your piledriver.

Quad Cannons are still your main source of damage so do not be afraid to use them. They can be quite deadly when used correctly! You can either use your shield before you switch into a roll so as to dive into enemies as a barrier or you can use the shield when a lot of enemies are nearby and you are stuck in a tight spot so as to have maximum protection from it.

That is all we have for our Overwatch Hammond Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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