Super PI World Record Smashed Using Intel i7 8700K CPU With Z270 Motherboard

The Super PI world record has been broken using the Intel i7 8700K with a Z270 motherboard. Remember that according to Intel, the 8th generation CPUs do not with the 200 series chipset and that you will need to buy a 300 series chipset even though the socket is the same. Not only that, the user was able to overclock the CPU to 7.3GHz.

Intel claims that even though the socket is the same, the Intel i7 8700K does not work with a Z270 motherboard. Even though many users have debunked this claim already, if there was any discrepancy that there might be some issues with performance down the line then there remains no confusion regarding the matter now.Intel i7 8700K Z270 Motherboard

It should be noted that the custom BIOS and the hardware mod that has been used in order to get this hardware combo running is not perfect, as the Intel i7 8700K is only using half the resources. The chip was only running 3 cores and 3 threads. While getting 7.3 GHz using half the resources with LN2 cooling is pretty cool, one can argue that the results would be different when the CPU will use all the provided resources.

While AMD has been ahead in the core wars, Intel is going to be releasing the Intel Coffee Lake S 9th generation of CPUs to make some kind of a comeback or to remain relevant in the market until the company can figure out what to do with the 10nm process. The delay in the 10nm process is taking Intel down.

Intel i7 8700K Z270 Motherboard

It is more than likely that these upcoming chips will be based on the 14nm++ process and if that is so the competition has already released 12nm based chips and is going to be sampling 7nm chips later this year.

Let us know what you think about the Intel i7 8700K working with a Z270 motherboard.