That GTA 6 Pop Up Ad You Saw Was A Hoax, Rockstar Confirms

If you have seen the message “GTA VI Coming 2019” popping up on the screens of GTA Online, then let this be a confirmation that it is not a legit message. In fact, it is a hoax and that has been confirmed by Rockstar Games. So that GTA 6 Pop Up Ad you saw on the screens of GTA Online was a hoax, made with the help of mods.

While Rockstar is all but ready to launch their prime game in focus, Red Dead Redemption 2 later this year, there could be nothing bigger that could kill the hype of this game. Well, except the news of GTA 6 joining us in 2019.

When fans saw the GTA 6 Pop Up Ad that revealed the forthcoming of the game in 2019, most of the fans were skeptical rather than excited about this news. From the looks, it did seem too good to be true and apparently it was not true.

When fans saw this GTA 6 Pop Up Ad they instantly took a screenshot and posted it on Reddit, from where it took the hype, but now though Rockstar took to its Twitter account and has given confirmation that it was not an official message, and the statement we saw was not from Rockstar Games. In fact, they also added that this is a hoax news, made with the help of mods.

So how did this add pop up? Well, it seems like a hacker was able to exploit the Rockstar Social Club message system and fit in a text, which he knew would shake the gaming community.

Having said that, although GTA 6 may not have been announced and provided the fact that this GTA 6 Pop Up Ad may be a hoax, it still does not kill the anticipation and hope the fans have for and from GTA 6. Fans are still speculating on what they would like to see in the next installment to this famous franchise.

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