All The Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Changes Explained – Playable Characters, Worlds, Party Details

Kingdom Hearts is a franchise that has been in the hearts (yeah!) of fans of the game and the third game in the franchise seems to be no different. Fans have been eager for news and it has been given to them in small bits and pieces. Well, today we tell you everything that you need to know about Kingdom Hearts 3. All of the information that has been found has been compiled in this post so that you know exactly what to expect as you inch closer to the release of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Everything about Kingdom Hearts 3

In very spectacular (perhaps a little bit weird) fashion, the release date of the game was revealed in a few tweets before E3. The release date of the game is set to be released on Jan. 29, 2019 and it will be available to play on both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

It has not been confirmed as of yet but a Nintendo Switch version of the game may also come out. The director of the game Tetsuya Nomura did say that they plan to bring the game to other platforms after they have released it on the PS4 and the Xbox One. Perhaps we may even get a version of the game on the PC.

What are New Changes in the Game?

One of the things that have had the fans in dismay over and over again is the fact that the release date of the game has constantly been changed and postponed. The reason for this is the fact that the game was being switched over to Unreal Engine 4.

The game will be somewhat similar to the ones that have been released already. It will be an action-RPG like the fans want it to be but there will be some new additions to the game so as to spice it up. One of the ways that new stuff is being integrated into the game is that all of the successful ideas from the handheld gaming consoles such as Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will be used.

What are New Features Added to the Game?

The game has decided to have a much higher level of focus on mobility. For example, wall-running will be a part of the game and Sora will be able to jump on quite a few enemies as well. There will be Keyblade Transformations which are like the iconic Keyblades but with a new twist. They will be able to transform while in the middle of the battle. Each of the weapons will have its own unique transformation.

There will also be new super attacks known as Attraction Flow. These attacks will be somewhat like the summon attacks that you see in Final Fantasy games. Iconic rides from the Disney Theme Park will be used in these attacks such as the Teacups, Thunder Mountain Railroad, and the Pirate ship. You will have to trigger these attacks by doing something unique to them but that has not been revealed as of yet.

There will also be many different forms of Sora available for you to use and we have already seen 3 different forms of Sora. They are the Power Form, the Second Form, and the Guard Form. These forms will, of course, bring new attacks to Sora and you will be able to diversify Sora to cater to your very own play style much more than you were able to in the previous iterations of the series.

Story, Worlds and Characters

The characters that you will be expecting are all there. You will be able to see Goofy, King Mickey, Master Xehanort, and of course, Sora. The story will continue from where we last left off in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. You will be searching for the seven masters of light with Xehanort attempting to beat the ‘Tyranny of Light’ by restoring the equilibrium.

We have also been confirmed of the fact that there will be another playable character besides Sora. This is consistent with other entries of the series. However, we have not yet been told who the other character will be.

As for the worlds that we will be traversing, there will be numerous worlds from various Disney franchises for players to play through and they are Frozen, Big Hero 6, Hercules, Tangles and Wreck-It Ralph. This will surely add a lot of different depth to the gameplay although the decision to include worlds such as Frozen is not popular with all of the fans of the franchise. Many of the classic worlds which fans adore are also returning such as Twilight Town and Olympus.

Anything Else I Should Know?

One interesting new feature is that you will now have the option to have 5 members in your party. Previously, there were only a maximum 3 and you had to swap out between different characters to get the ones that you required for a particular quest. Now, you will be able to have Donald and Goofy with you at all times along with 2 characters from the world that you are traveling in.

Remember to take a look at all of the videos that are available from the E3 conference about the game as they will paint a much bigger picture on what the game intends to be. The developers have decided not to take a lot of risks and this is probably best as fans will be getting exactly what they want. Newer players of the series should probably prepare for the release by playing some of the older games to get a feel for the story.

That is everything that you need to know about Kingdom Hearts 3. Let us know what you think using the comments section below!