The Division 2 Gameplay Changes You Might’ve Missed – Armor Changes, PVP Tweaks, New Factions

The Division 2 showed quite a lot when it came to us thirsty fans looking to decode every bit of gameplay. Of course, there were some straightforward segments in the gameplay but some are rather important and some are like blink-and-you-miss moments. Our article covers all the important details you should be knowing about The Division 2.

The Division 2 Gameplay Details

Eagle-eyed viewers will be able to notice that the agents of The Division now have an extra bar above their health bar. This indicates an armor meter which acts like a shield and you’ll only be vulnerable when that meter goes down.

Thankfully, the armor can be regenerated and recovered if you hold down the specific directional button on the pad. Do note, however, do this in the line of sight of an enemy is not a good option since you will be interrupted anyhow. It would be best to find cover and then attempt to repair your armor.

The AI is much smarter this time around as it makes use of flanking and take cover in places you wouldn’t expect them to. Some would even camouflage like a sniper in a prone position hidden from view. Therefore, you could expect much more realism and dynamism in the movement of CPU enemies so every encounter is an unpredictable one.

When it comes to weapons and attachments, the modifications can only be unlocked as you progress through the story and not from loots. We saw from the demo, some new skills like the seeker mine or the drone ability, both maximizing offense of the user.

The setting also is a good representation of real-life Washington D.C. As we can see, there is still an expanded underground system along with tunnels that are quite prominent in the real-life version of the city. Moreover, the state seems to be divided into unique districts each with their own geography and challenges.

The PVP Experience

The Division 2 had many issues when it came to the multiplayer aspect of the game. Not were the servers riddled with bugs, there were movement options which caused more frustration rather than showing strategic promise. Players used to strafe left and right in a quick and annoying way which made it impossible to shoot them.

Moreover, long ranged combat wasn’t so feasible because:

  • The damage caused was very little
  • The existence of medkits and other healing items meant that the damage was undone 2 seconds later

This encouraged only one approach which was to take on the fight at point-blank range or close quarter. The Division 2 changes this by introducing a channeling armor ability rather than an instant health regeneration option. This ability is interrupted if you try to shoot, take a hit or even move or change your current state. Moreover, there haven’t been any healing items to be found in the demo we played.

The reviving system has also received some tweaks. In the first Division, players who’ve been revived twice after reaching the ‘downed’ state will automatically die if they were shot the third time. This ‘unsafe’ state arises when you’ve been revived in a matter of seconds so the third time there won’t be a downed state, but immediately a dead state.

The Division 2 changes this a bit by introducing the ‘unsafe’ state right after you’re first revived. This cuts down on the attempts you get at taking down an enemy and makes for more careful planning and cover mechanics. These changes will allow for more fair results and it means that ranged combat will be possible. The PVP aspect will definitely be overhauled due to these tweaks and we hope it’s for the better.


The environment and the NPCs play a big role in the game. Each district has some settlements or factions that you can form an alliance with. This is carried out by ensuring their safety by providing supplies and facilities to them. This, in turn, will mean you have their support when it comes to war or outside of it.

Since some fights can be rather difficult to take on solely or even a party of 4, you would need some extra helping hands or reinforcements. This is where the friendly factions will come in and make the whole fight much more possible.

This system replaces the base of operations in the previous game, to open up more exciting opportunities both when it comes to the gameplay and narrative of the game. Of course, side quests will play a major role in The Division 2.

The Sounds

As a Youtub-er pointed out, the sound system of the weapons have received a complete rework to the point that they don’t sound familiar to their counterparts in the first Division. Every firearm from the rifle to the shotgun now sounds different. This change must have been introduced to create a more immersive experience rather than messing with the loyalty of the fanbase.

As you can contemplate, players would like a sequel in their favorite series to recreate the iconic sounds, be it for nostalgia purposes or a comforting familiarity. This was evident from Half-Life and its sequel which came 6 years later yet most of the weapons carried the same sound effects and so it appealed to the fans.

The developers at The Division 2 maybe taking a small risk, but if they want to completely reinvigorate the series and bring some freshness and uniqueness to it, the gamble may pay off. We’ll have to wait and see how the community fares with the sound effects of the game.

The Division 2 launches on March 15, 2019 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.