Turtle Rock Working On An Unannounced AAA Title, Probably An FPS

If you are waiting to hear something about Left 4 Dead 3 then you are probably in the long line of fans. Frankly speaking, it is nowhere near in sight, at least for now but it just might be in development. Turtle Rock is working on an unannounced  AAA game from a renowned franchise.

A user on ResetEra came upon a job listing, which seems to have stirred a lot of unrest among the gamers. Apparently Turtle Rock the creators of Left 4 Dead are looking to hire a Senior Level Designer who will be working on “an Unannounced AAA title”.

At the moment Turtle Rock has not officially announced this AAA title, so not sure what it may be. Of course, a lot of speculations are already in the atmosphere.

The studio is looking for a skilled designer, who would be able to create “fun encounters” as well as “awesome level layouts”.

Of course, at the moment what game it could be is all based on mere predictions, hopes, and speculations. Fans have gone out to predict StarFox to a Half-life battle royale and even Lawbreakers 2 which all seems a long stretch at this point.

Since “competitive and balanced map layouts” have also been mentioned in the listing, it does imply that this unannounced AAA title could possibly be a multiplayer game.

What is interesting is that the studio is also looking for a designer, who has a good experience working with first-person shooters like Unreal Engine 4. Which primarily suggests that it definitely is an FPS game, and since all of the games produced by Turtle Rock have been FPS games, with an exception of one mobile game, it seems to reason.

With all that said, last month there was a rumor which talked about Valve working on an unannounced title, and that there are more coming in future. Perhaps it was referring to this one, perhaps not. Hopefully, we shall know about this soon enough.

Keeping all that has been discussed into context, what are your thoughts about this unannounced AAA title? Share us your thoughts, in the comments below.